Matthew Gissel

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The view that clot time-based assays do not provide a sufficient assessment of an individual's hemostatic competence, especially in the context of anticoagulant therapy, has provoked a search for new metrics, with significant focus directed at techniques that define the propagation phase of thrombin generation. Here we use our deterministic mathematical(More)
The underlying cause of thrombosis in a large protein C (PC) deficient Vermont kindred appears to be multicausal and not explained by PC deficiency alone. We evaluated the contribution of coagulation factors to thrombin generation in this population utilizing a mathematical model that incorporates a mechanistic description of the PC pathway. Thrombin(More)
Factor (f)Xa is a critical enzyme in blood coagulation that is responsible for the initiation and propagation of thrombin generation. Previously we have shown that analysis of computationally generated thrombin profiles is a tool to investigate hemostasis in various populations. In this study, we evaluate the potential of computationally derived time(More)
INTRODUCTION Previously, we have demonstrated that significant proportions of patients with various cardiovascular diseases have active tissue factor and active factor XIa in their plasma. In the current study, we evaluated active tissue factor and active factors (F)XI and FIX in plasma from patients with atrial fibrillation. MATERIAL AND METHODS In 110(More)
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