Matthew Gigli

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In this paper we attempt to categorize the services provided by the Internet of Things (IoT) in order to help application developers build upon a base service. First we introduce the four main categories of services, and then follow by providing a number of examples of each of the service categories so as to provide an example of how each type of service(More)
Methods Since January 2009, daily, Hospital Hygiene Service personnel collects MDROs microbiological data. Data are automatically entered in a software, continuously updated.Only the first MDRO isolate recovered from a patient is considered. The monthly report includes: newly recovered MDRO isolates; incidence rate of MDRO infection/colonization (No. of(More)
The authors, in view of the continuously changing contagious diseases outline, deal with the problem of a better qualification and reorganization of the direct interventions in the contagious diseases prophylaxis. In this respect, the authors deem that the reporting of the cases must assume a primary importance and that all the locally operating health and(More)
Descriptive data on occupational accidents and diseases in the field of construction and particularly among builders are reported. They derive from publications of the National Insurance Institute for Occupational Accidents (INAIL) and refer to the Italian and Umbrian situation. Data show that the number and the severity of the accidents in this field are(More)
At the present time breast cancer represents the primary reason of death caused by cancer amongst the female population of the western countries. Since the actuation of primary prevention programmes results impossible, the aim that must be considered primary is to attain a diagnosis of such tumour as precociously as possible. This research proposes to value(More)
The present report is a research on air samples taken in the operating theatres environment in the hospitals of Umbria to control in order the concentration of anaesthetics in use and to define ambient pollution and to propose changes. The A.A. have divided operating theatres in for groups to analyze the data: 1) operating theatres where there were both(More)
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