Matthew Gardiner

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This paper describes a case study of Shadowgram as an application of interactive fabrication in public spaces to realize a creative communication environment based on an interactive installation, which generates sticker cutouts of the silhouettes of participants. In this paper, we propose an approach called Social Fabrication that stimulates communication(More)
We discuss a field of research concerned with the discovery and realisation of folded patterns with kinetic properties, and the design of organic experience metaphors. Since the coining of the term Oribotics in 2003, a literal conjunction of the Japanese word ORU--to fold-- and bot--a contraction of robot--this practice-based-research has delivered six(More)
We introduce a novel visual display paradigm through the use of controllable moving visible objects in physical space. Spaxels is a conjugation of "space" and "pixels". It takes the notion of a pixel, and frees it from the confines of a static two-dimensional matrix of a screen or projection surface to move three dimensionally in space. Spaxels extend the(More)
We uncouple host and nonhost resistance in barley to Puccinia striiformis ff. spp. hordei and tritici . We isolate, fine map, and physically anchor Rps6 to chromosome 7H in barley. A plant may be considered a nonhost of a pathogen if all known genotypes of a plant species are resistant to all known isolates of a pathogen species. However, if a small number(More)
We present Shadowgram as an outcome from our research into catalyzing the creativity of audiences, in particular for the task of social brainstorming through interactive fabrication. We discuss our motivation to design <i>Shadowgram</i> as a natural extension of existing fabrication technologies. We discuss the functional aspects of the design and(More)
The percent of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) used in hot mix asphalt (HMA) is currently established either by arbitrarily setting maximum percent limits, or alternatively, by evaluating both the virgin and recovered binder properties. The first approach is based on engineering judgment and historical experience but is not quantitative. The second assumes(More)
We introduce a method to stimulate and catalyse the creativity of students and the general public in the field of experience design. The research is centered on a product design called SWITCH: a simple creative prototyping platform for everyday use which can be likened to picture frame containing a picture with two states, an <i>on</i> and an <i>off</i>(More)
Nonhost resistance is often conceptualized as a qualitative separation from host resistance. Classification into these two states is generally facile, as they fail to fully describe the range of states that exist in the transition from host to nonhost. This poses a problem when studying pathosystems that cannot be classified as either host or nonhost due to(More)