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OBJECTIVE Exogenous substrates were used to measure hepatic function for the purposes of determining organ dysfunction and to evaluate the effect of experimental hemorrhagic shock with resuscitation on hepatic drug elimination. DESIGN Prospective, controlled, non-randomized crossover trial. INTERVENTIONS Eleven chronically instrumented immature swine(More)
Nonsyndromic cleft lip with or without cleft palate (NSCL/P) is one of the most common congenital facial defects, with an incidence of 1 in 700-1,000 live births among individuals of European descent. Several linkage and association studies of NSCL/P have suggested numerous candidate genes and genomic regions. A genomewide linkage analysis of a large(More)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a chronic, complex autoimmune inflammatory disorder with poorly known etiology. Approximately 1% of the adult population is afflicted with RA. Linkage analysis of RA can be complicated by the presence of phenotypic and genetic heterogeneity. It is shown that the ordered-subset analysis (OSA) technique reduces heterogeneity,(More)
39.2 ± 2.2 kg) were greater (P < 0.01) with AL feeders than with HF feeders, respectively. Number of pigs weaned did not differ (P > 0.05, 9.7 ± 0.1). The AL sows tended to have greater (P = 0.07) wt gains during lactation (12.2 ± 3.1 vs. 8.2 ± 3.2 kg, AL and HF, respectively). Backfat change during lactation and wean-to-estrus interval did not differ (P(More)
Two studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of increasing dietary lysine and energy density on performance of Genetiporc nursery pigs. Experiment 1 was organized as a combination of two simultaneous experiments with one set of diets consisting of five treatments with increasing true ileal digestible (TID) lysine (0.99, 1.07, 1.14, 1.22, and 1.30%)(More)
Aims: To evaluate the success, complications and long-term clinical outcome of primary stenting of infrarenal aortic stenosis. Materials and Methods: All patients treated for infrarenal aortic stenosis between January 1999 and January 2006 were included. 22 patients were identified with a mean age of 64 years (range 50-71 years). 10 were male. 11 patients(More)
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