Matthew GF Sharp

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We have used a metastasis-related human cDNA isolated from a liver metastasis from a colonic adenocarcinoma to screen a human breast carcinoma cDNA library for homologous sequences. Nucleotide sequence analysis of positive clones revealed that the cDNA represents a ribosomal phosphoprotein. P2. The expression of P2 mRNA was significantly higher (Student's t(More)
The human gene sequences encoding the translation-associated functions of alpha-subunit of elongation factor 1 (EF-1 alpha) and the ubiquitin carboxyl extension protein (HUBCEP80) have been isolated by differential cDNA screening, and found to have significantly higher levels of expression in fibroadenomas (benign) compared with carcinomas (malignant) of(More)
Acute pancreatitis (AP) is a common and devastating inflammatory condition of the pancreas that is considered to be a paradigm of sterile inflammation leading to systemic multiple organ dysfunction syndrome (MODS) and death. Acute mortality from AP-MODS exceeds 20% (ref. 3), and the lifespans of those who survive the initial episode are typically shorter(More)
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