Matthew G Unthank

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Diphenyl vinyl sulfonium salt and chiral amido-ketones undergo highly diastereoselective epoxy-annulation reactions in good yield. The use of a chiral vinyl sulfonium salt dominates the stereochemical outcome of the annulation reaction (reagent control is greater than substrate control), and this has allowed the kinetic resolution of racemic amido-ketones(More)
Meyer-Schuster rearrangements of propargylic alcohols take place readily at room temperature in toluene with 1-2 mol % PPh(3)AuNTf(2), in the presence of 0.2 equiv of 4-methoxyphenylboronic acid or 1 equiv of methanol. Good to excellent yields of enones can be obtained from secondary and tertiary alcohols, with high selectivity for the E-alkene in most(More)
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