Matthew G. Schultz

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A serious security threat today is malicious executables, especially new, unseen malicious executables often arriving as email attachments. These new malicious executables are created at the rate of thousands every year and pose a serious security threat. Current anti-virus systems attempt to detect these new malicious programs with heuristics generated by(More)
Several features make Java an attractive choice for scientific applications. In order to gauge the applicability of Java to Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), we have implemented the NAS Parallel Benchmarks in Java. The performance and sealability of the benchmarks point out the areas where improvement in Java compiler technology and in Java thread(More)
We present Malicious Email Filter, MEF, a freely distributed malicious binary filter incorporated into Procmail that can detect malicious Windows attachments by integrating with a UNIX mail server. The system has three capabilities: detection of known and unknown malicious attachments, tracking the propagation of malicious attachments and efficient model(More)
A system and methods for detecting malicious executable attachments at an email processing application of a computer system using data mining techniques. The email processing application may be located at the server or at the client or host. The executable attachments are filtered from said email, and byte sequence features are extracted from the executable(More)
Malwares on the websites can be harmful for the host machine. It may result in security breach, data loss, or denial of service at the host end. Many approaches for malware prediction have been applied in the past. Supervised machine learning approaches are popular and efficient in terms of accuracy. These techniques can be very useful for malware(More)
In today era modern infrastructures and technologies are more prone to various types of accesses. A method that is commonly used for launching these types of attack is popularly known as malware i. e. viruses, Trojan horses and worms, which, when propagate can cause a great damage to commercial companies, private users and governments. The another reason(More)
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