Matthew G. Jacunski

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This paper presents efficient all-to-all broadcast algorithms for arbitrary irregular networks with switch-based wormhole interconnection and unicast message passing. First, all-to-all broadcast is considered within a single switch cluster. Both combining and non-combining algorithms are compared via analytical modeling and simulation. The characteristics(More)
In this paper we present an eecient design for message passing over a reeective memory network. First, we consider the attributes of reeec-tive memory communication networks and the requirements to eeciently build message-passing functional-ity on these networks. We then introduce the Bill-Board Protocol, a lock-free protocol which provides low-latency(More)
Clusters of workstations have emerged as a popular platform for parallel and distributed computing. Commodity high speed networks which are used to connect workstation clusters provide high bandwidth, but also have high latency. SCRAMNet is an extremely low latency replicated non-coherent shared memory network, so far used only for real-time applications.(More)
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