Matthew G. Hennessy

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A unified patterning strategy via frontal photopolymerization (FPP) that is robust to a wide range of radical photopolymerizing systems, including thiol-ene and acrylic monomers is reported. The factors governing the spatiotemporal solidification process, including front position, profile shape, and thermal effects, are investigated and modeled(More)
Ultrasound-driven bubbles can cause significant deformation of soft viscoelastic layers, for instance in surface cleaning and biomedical applications. The effect of the viscoelastic properties of a boundary on the bubble-boundary interaction has been explored only qualitatively, and remains poorly understood. We investigate the dynamic deformation of a(More)
This paper considers the stability of thin liquid layers of binary mixtures of a volatile (solvent) species and a non-volatile (polymer) species. Evaporation leads to a depletion of the solvent near the liquid surface. If surface tension increases for lower solvent concentrations, sufficiently strong compositional gradients can lead to Bénard-Marangoni-type(More)
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