Matthew G. Gorbet

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We envision that the architectural space we inhabit will be a new form of interface between humans and online digital information. This paper discusses Ambient Displays: a new approach to interfacing people with online digital information. Ambient Displays present information within a space through subtle changes in light, sound, and movement, which can be(More)
This paper presents a system for interacting with digital information, called Triangles. The Triangles system is a physictidigital construction kit, which allows users to use two hands to grasp and manipulate complex digital information. The kit consists of a set of identical flat, plastic triangles, each with a microprocessor inside and magnetic edge(More)
We envision that the physical architectural space we inhabit will be a new form of interfacebetween humans and digital information [2]. This paper and video present the design of the ambientROOM, an interface to information for processing in the background of awareness. This information is displayed through various subtle displays of light, sound, and(More)
This paper presents the design of a new form of computer interface that uses physical objects to embody digital information, providing a means for interacting with data. Triangles is a physical interface in the form of a construction kit of identical, flat, plastic triangles. The triangles connect together both physically and digitally with magnetic,(More)
Step up to the joystick on the exhibit to the right. A cartoon image of a young boy is projected on the screen. Kids crowd in around you as you read about Henry and his world. (See Figure 1.) There is a world of cartoon images. Lines trail off to small drawings falling away as though seen through a fisheye. As you push the joystick, another image of Henry(More)
Research on Experimental Documents (RED) is the moniker for a small, interdisciplinary research group at Xerox PARC. We are eight researchers involved in the creation of new genres based on emerging media and technologies. We employ methods of speculative design and iterative prototyping while working in the mode of a design studio. Our current project,(More)
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