Matthew G. Burnham

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Evaluating whether a new medication prolongs QT intervals is a critical safety activity that is conducted in a sensitive animal model during non-clinical drug development. The importance of QT liability detection has been reinforced by non-clinical [International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) S7B] and clinical (ICH E14) regulatory guidance from the(More)
A modification of the single-breath nitrogen closing volume (CV) test allows measurement of closing capacity (CC) during general anesthesia. In the modification, inspiration and expiration are mechanically produced by a hydraulically powered cylinder. For 14 awake, normal subjects results of the CV test performed using this mechanical method differed that(More)
Experience with an in-hospital post-anaesthetic follow-up program is reported. Visits are made by a Registered Nurse, a hospital employee working under the direction of the Head of the Department of Anesthesia. Over a three-year period 21,116 of 39,239 patients receiving anaesthetics were visited. Those not visited were mainly outpatients or patients(More)
This paper presents a design of an online nurse assessment system for use across a southern Brazil hospital complex. A prototype was built and tested, using a user centered interface design process. Design experts and nurses from an American hospital evaluated the prototype through heuristic and scenario analysis. The results show some consistency and(More)
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