Matthew Frederick Taylor

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For several species of lepidoptera, most of the approximately 350-bp mitochondrial control-region sequences were determined. Six of these species are in one genus, Jalmenus; are closely related; and are believed to have undergone recent rapid speciation. Recent speciation was supported by the observation of low interspecific sequence divergence. Thus, no(More)
The role of natural selection in molecular evolution has been inferred primarily by rejection of null hypotheses based on neutral theory, rather than by acceptance of specific predictions based on selection. In this report, a population genetic test of a specific prediction for selection on DNA polymorphism is presented. Pyrethroid insecticide use(More)
The authors describe a model of the nurse-client relationship within mental health nursing. This is preceded by a consideration of the literature in reference to the efficacy of nursing models in terms of their use within mental health nursing. A statement of philosophical beliefs is the starting point from which the model is described. The terms(More)
The core collapse supernova rate in the sdss-ii supernova survey" (2011). Wayne State University Dissertations. Paper 335. Advisor Date ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In addition to thanking Prof. Cinabro for his steady guidance and near infinite patience, my thanks go to Prof. and Astronomy as a whole for helping me develop as a student, researcher and teacher. I also(More)
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