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Biotechnological approaches to reduce or modify lignin in biomass crops are predicated on the assumption that it is the principal determinant of the recalcitrance of biomass to enzymatic digestion for biofuels production. We defined quantitative trait loci (QTL) in the Intermated B73 × Mo17 recombinant inbred maize (Zea mays) population using pyrolysis(More)
Six different commercially available substrates for fluorescent antinuclear antibody (FANA) testing were compared with mouse liver, using a panel of well--characterized sera. Mouse liver sections and cultured HEP2 cells appeared to be most sensitive and specific. Although most substrates were acceptable, several were quite insensitive. These results(More)
Extractable nuclear antigens have been identified in a number of systemic rheumatic diseases and may be useful in differentiating those with overlapping clinical features. A number of detection systems have been described but technical feasibility and sensitivity have limited widespread application. We describe a simple immunodiffusion method to identify(More)
JeeWiz is a commercial tool for model-driven generation of enterprise-level systems. It can automate any part of the development process where repetitive work is required by meta-programming. JeeWiz is universal - being based on a meta modelling approach, it can describe and generate any software technology. It is used for both system-level generation(More)
When considering the future of offshore wind energy, developing cost effective methods of harnessing the offshore wind resource represents a significant challenge which must be overcome to make offshore wind a viable option. As the majority of the capital investment in offshore wind is in the form of infrastructure and operation and maintenance costs,(More)
Non-linear loading of the utilities supply introduced significant electromagnetic field (EMF) interference severe enough to disrupt electrocardiograph (ECG) monitoring and recordings in the new Emergency Department (ED) at the Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH). This interference was evident even though standard Mu-metal shielding had been installed over the(More)
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