Matthew Feinstein

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This report concerns the evaluation of various estrogens, estrone (El), estradiol (E2), and estrone sulfate (E1S), as well as E1S-sulfatase and aromatase activities in pre- and postmenopausal women with breast cancer. The levels (in picomoles per g; mean +/- SEM) of the various estrogens in the breast tissue from premenopausal patients (n = 11) are: El, 1.4(More)
Analysis of plasma luteinizing hormone (LH) assays (4 assays per day) permits the discernment of the onset of the physiologic effects of ovulatory release. This threshold value of LH plasma concentration (LH surge-initiating rise, LH SIR) is determined for each cycle in terms of the average baseline level of the previous day. The chronology of follicle and(More)
An atherosclerotic plaque requires a nutrient blood supply, which is predominantly derived from arterial vasa vasorum. A variety of factors (environmental and genetic) contribute to the initiation and growth of atherosclerosis within vessel walls. Chemotactic factors, such as tissue ischemic and hypoxic factors, stimulate the release of vascular endothelial(More)
A case of false hyperthyrotropinemia was investigated. The serum of the patient contained heterophilic antibodies against rabbit immunoglobulins secondary to immunization with rabbit serum. Some vaccines against viral or bacterial diseases contain animal serum capable of inducing heterophilic antibodies in man. This technical problem can be prevented by the(More)
In a TSH screening program for congenital hypothyroidism we detected seven newborn infants with normal plasma T4 and T3 levels but high immunoassayable TSH. Similar findings were obtained in their mothers. Serial plasma dilution curves, with and without the addition of normal rabbit serum to the samples, showed that the result of TSH assay performed with(More)
The evaluation of estrogens (estrone, estradiol, and their sulfates) in the breast tissue of post-menopausal patients with breast cancer indicates high levels, particularly of estrone sulfate (E1S) which is 15-25 times higher than in the plasma. Breast cancer tissue contains the enzymes necessary for local synthesis of estradiol and it was demonstrated(More)
TRH is present in human normal pituitaries and in pituitary adenomas. In this study we demonstrated that the same tissues can release TRH in vitro. Fragments from seven normal pituitaries (10-15 mg/syringe) and dispersed cells from eight prolactinomas, four GH-secreting and two nonsecreting adenomas (1-3 x 10(6) cells/syringe) were perifused using a(More)
The gonadotrophic regulation of folliculogenesis has been extensively investigated but little attention has been paid to the influence of early follicular phase levels of endogenous FSH and the FSH/LH ratio when planning ovulation stimulation therapy for IVF. The influence of these factors was investigated in the three studies reported in this paper. A(More)