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A larger premorbid brain is hypothesized to provide neuronal reserve against AD. Using MRI data from ongoing studies of normal aging and AD, the authors tested this hypothesis. Mean total intracranial volume was 15.8 cm(3) smaller for cases among women (n = 121 normal and 104 AD; p = 0.24) and 10.1 cm(3) larger for cases among men (n = 63 normal and 62 AD;(More)
PURPOSE To determine whether bone marrow (BM) angiogenesis progressively increases along the spectrum of plasma cell disorders ranging from monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) to advanced myeloma. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Four hundred patients with the following disorders were studied: MGUS (76 patients); smoldering (indolent;(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess whether olfactory deficits are present in the general Guamanian Chamorro population and to evaluate olfaction in each of the four neurodegenerative disease syndromes of Guam: ALS, pure parkinsonism, pure dementia, and the combined parkinsonism-dementia complex (PDC). BACKGROUND Olfactory dysfunction was previously reported in patients(More)
OBJECTIVES Trimethoprim (TMP)/sulfamethoxazole (SMX) has consistently demonstrated great interindividual variability. Therapeutic drug monitoring may be used to optimize dosing. Optimal peak SMX concentration has been proposed as 100 to 150 μg/mL. The objective of our work was to determine the success rate of a TMP/SMX dosing guideline in achieving a(More)
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