Matthew F. Copeland

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Metabolic engineering offers the opportunity to produce a wide range of commodity chemicals that are currently derived from petroleum or other non-renewable resources. Microbial synthesis of fatty alcohols is an attractive process because it can control the distribution of chain lengths and utilize low cost fermentation substrates. Specifically, primary(More)
This paper describes a new approach for labeling intact flagella using the biarsenical dyes FlAsH and ReAsH and imaging their spatial and temporal dynamics on live Escherichia coli cells in swarming communities of bacteria by using epifluorescence microscopy. Using this approach, we observed that (i) bundles of flagella on swarmer cells remain cohesive(More)
Bacterial swarming is an example of dynamic self-assembly in microbiology in which the collective interaction of a population of bacterial cells leads to emergent behavior. Swarming occurs when cells interact with surfaces, reprogram their physiology and behavior, and adapt to changes in their environment by coordinating their growth and motility with other(More)
The effect of 7 daily i.p. injections of 0, 2, 20, or 200 microliters/kg carbon tetrachloride on the activity of the hepatic drug-metabolizing enzyme system was measured in the rat by a model substrate assay, employing lindane (gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane), and by a battery of in vitro enzyme assays. The data in this study indicated that repeated(More)
Lindane (gamma-hexachlorocyclohexane) has been shown to produce hepatomas in some strains of mice but not in others. Genetic factors and/or altered metabolism may play a role in the susceptibility to lindane-induced hepatomas. This study reports the effect of age and obesity on the comparative metabolism and disposition of lindane in obese yellow Avy/a and(More)
The storage of insecticides in the body-fat of persons has previously been studied in several countries (e.g., England, France, USA) and food has been shown to be the main source from which DDT and perhaps other insecticides are absorbed. In view of the differences in dietary habits in India, a study was made to determine whether there are differences in(More)