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The seminal importance of DNA sequencing to the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine has driven the search for more scalable and lower-cost solutions. Here we describe a DNA sequencing technology in which scalable, low-cost semiconductor manufacturing techniques are used to make an integrated circuit able to directly perform non-optical DNA sequencing(More)
Recent discussions on scaling issues in ecology have emphasized that processes acting at a wide range of spatial and temporal scales influence ecosystems and thus there is no appropriate single scale at which ecological processes should be studied. This may be particularly true for environmental disturbances (e.g. El Niño) that occur over large geographic(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this investigation was to estimate the population-based prevalence of renovascular disease (RVD), defined as > or = 60% diameter-reducing renal artery stenosis or occlusion, and to define its associations with age, gender, race, and other potential risk factors among participants in the Cardiovascular Health Study (CHS). METHODS The(More)
Keratoconus is a relatively common, bilateral, non-inflammatory corneal ectasia. The aetiology of this condition is probably multifactorial, or it represents the final common pathway for a variety of different pathological processes. Although a familial history is present only in a minority of cases, one of the major aetiological factors is certainly(More)
Acute mesenteric ischemia secondary to arterial occlusion (AMI) remains a highly lethal condition. To examine recent trends in management and associated outcomes, we examined our institutional experience over a recent 10-year period. All patients treated for AMI between January 1990 and January 2000 were identified (76 patients, 77 cases) and their medical(More)
AIMS We evaluated the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of oral MK-462 in comparison with oral sumatriptan in healthy male volunteers. METHODS Sixteen healthy male volunteers were studied in a rising, single dose, alternating panel design with eight subjects per panel. Matching placebo was administered to two of eight study subjects at each dose level(More)
environmental conditions and to recover following severe disturbances is crucial to the persistence of populations occurring in temporally variable environments. To compensate for this variability, many species have developed life histories in which the adult life stages become dormant or exhibit reduced metabolic activity during unfavorable conditions and(More)
PURPOSE This retrospective review describes the surgical management and clinical outcome for renal artery aneurysms (RAAs) in 62 consecutive patients. METHODS From January 1987 through July 2003, 804 patients had operative renal artery (RA) repair involving 1206 kidneys at our center. A subgroup of 62 patients (42 women, 20 men; mean age 46 +/- 18 years)(More)
OBJECTIVE The emergence of endovascular repair (ER) for infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) has provided surgeons with a new technique that should ideally improve patient outcomes. To more accurately characterize the advantages of ER versus traditional/open AAA repair (TOR), we compared the preoperative medical risk factors (PMRFs) and perioperative(More)
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