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Closer to the Masses: Stalinist Culture, Social Revolution, and Soviet Newspapers
Introduction I. Soviet Newspapers in the 1920s 1. Agitation, Propaganda, and the NEP Mass Enlightenment Project 2. Newspaper Distribution and the Emergence of Soviet Information Rationing 3. ReaderExpand
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Did Stalin Kill Kirov and Does It Matter?*
Late in the afternoon of December 1, 1934, Leonid Nikolaev, a disaffected former party member, shot to death Sergei Kirov, Politburo member and head of the Leningrad party organization. The murderExpand
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The Kirov Murder and Soviet History
Drawing on hundreds of newly available, top-secret KGB and party Central Committee documents, historian Matthew E. Lenoe reexamines the 1934 assassination of Leningrad party chief Sergei Kirov.Expand
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