Matthew E. Crawford

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The BioKnowledge Library is a relational database and web site ( composed of protein-specific information collected from the scientific literature. Each Protein Report on the web site summarizes and displays published information about a single protein, including its biochemical function, role in the cell and in the whole organism,(More)
The Yeast Protein Localization database (YPL.db) contains information about the localization patterns of yeast proteins resulting from microscopic analyses. The data and parameters of the experiments to obtain the localization information, together with images from confocal or video microscopy, are stored in a relational database, building an archive of,(More)
Molecular perturbations provide a powerful toolset for biomedical researchers to scrutinize the contributions of individual molecules in biological systems. Perturbations qualify the context of experimental results and, despite their diversity, share properties in different dimensions in ways that can be formalized. We propose a formal framework to describe(More)
A discussion of the design and use of the Z-skin plasty to revise scars and lengthen skin contractures of the lower extremities is presented. One of the most commonly used rotational flaps to alter scar direction or relieve tension on the existing scar or skin, the Z-plasty can also be the most difficult to perform and carries a high risk of flap loss if(More)
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