Matthew Down

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When trace quantities of labelled albumin have been added to blood, the packed cell volume (PCV) may be determined by isotope counting using the relationship: (plasma counts-blood counts)/(plasma counts). This method for measuring the PCV is not affected by plasma trapping between the red cells and the results do not depend upon the centrifugation(More)
Under carefully controlled conditions electronic cell counters, for example the Coulter Counter, Model FN, and Channelyzer, may be calibrated to give MCV values down to as small as 20 fl which agree with those derived from the centrifugation PCV (corrected for plasma trapping) and the red cell count. The MCV values will be too high if the instrument uses a(More)
1. Serum from normal subjects has been chromatographed on Sephadex G-200 columns and the fractions containing transcobalamins 0, I and II have been identified. 2. The fractions corresponding to transcobalamin I contained, on average, 90% of the endogenous vitamin B12. Only 3% was attached to transcobalamin 0, and 7% was bound to transcobalamin II.
Red cell volume distribution curves have been used to measure microcytosis and anisocytosis in normal subjects, blood donors and patients with iron deficiency anaemia. These measurements were more sensitive than the conventional red cell indices for detecting blood donors with a low transferrin saturation. Three stages are suggested as iron deficiency(More)
1. Plasma samples from ten mammals were chromatographed on Sephadex G-200 columns and the total cobalamin content of each fraction was determined. 2. Unlike the situation in man, the bulk of the endogenous plasma cobalamin was found attached to a transcobalamin II-like protein in all ten animals. Transcobalamin 0 carried between 3 and 20% and this(More)
Our current understanding of the dynamics of neural circuits is limited by the poor resolution of multi-neuron recordings from large neural populations, which largely prevents the experimental verification of theoretical models and predictions. It is, for instance, difficult to distinguish between different potential classes of network architecture, such as(More)