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27 information is used. A choice then has to be made as to which is the most eecient option. Acknowledgments. We are grateful to the referees for their useful comments. We thank Robert Michael Lewis for his valuable suggestions on how best to present this material, particularly the results given in x7. Mathematical models for the predictive value of early(More)
We present Conrad, the first comparative gene predictor based on semi-Markov conditional random fields (SMCRFs). Unlike the best standalone gene predictors, which are based on generalized hidden Markov models (GHMMs) and trained by maximum likelihood, Conrad is discriminatively trained to maximize annotation accuracy. In addition, unlike the best annotation(More)
We are investigating a field of research that we call ubiquitous telepresence, which involves the design and implementation of low-cost robotic devices that can be programmed and operated from anywhere on the Internet. These devices, which we call ubots, can be used for academic purposes (e.g., a biologist could remote conduct a population survey),(More)
The market for broadband hotspots is expected to grow with the deployment of WiFi technology becoming the standard to access the Internet in a range of mobile settings. Many businesses are entering into the market, looking at the promising prospects and opportunities offered by hotspots. Some companies are investing to become a hotspot venue like Starbucks(More)
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