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Eviction and the Reproduction of Urban Poverty1
Combining statistical and ethnographic analyses, this article explores the prevalence and ramifications of eviction in the lives of the urban poor. A quantitative analysis of administrative andExpand
Disposable Ties and the Urban Poor1
Sociologists long have observed that the urban poor rely on kinship networks to survive economic destitution. Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork among evicted tenants in high-poverty neighborhoods,Expand
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City
“The hood is good”1. Così definisce il mercato privato degli affitti di bassa soglia Sherreena, insegnante in pensione e oggi “inner-city entrepeneur” (p. 13), ovvero proprietaria di case nel BlackExpand
Forced Displacement From Rental Housing: Prevalence and Neighborhood Consequences
Drawing on novel survey data of Milwaukee renters, this study documents the prevalence of involuntary displacement from housing and estimates its consequences for neighborhood selection and indicates why some city dwellers live in much worse neighborhoods than their peers. Expand
Eviction’s Fallout: Housing, Hardship, and Health
Millions of families across the United States are evicted each year. Yet, we know next to nothing about the impact eviction has on their lives. Focusing on low-income urban mothers, a population atExpand
Who gets evicted? Assessing individual, neighborhood, and network factors.
Family size, job loss, neighborhood crime and eviction rates, and network disadvantage are identified as significant and robust predictors of eviction, net of missed rental payments and other relevant factors. Expand
On the Fireline: Living and Dying with Wildland Firefighters
Matthew Desmond?ethnographer, sociology graduate stu dent, and wildland firefighter?describes the disturbing moment that led him to spend his fourth and final year with the Elk River engine crew,Expand
Becoming a firefighter
Why do individuals seek out high-risk occupations when safer ways of earning a living are available? How do they become acclimated to the dangers of their profession? This article addresses theseExpand
Police Violence and Citizen Crime Reporting in the Black Community
High-profile cases of police violence—disproportionately experienced by black men—may present a serious threat to public safety if they lower citizen crime reporting. Using an interrupted time seriesExpand
Housing and Employment Insecurity among the Working Poor
While social scientists have documented severe consequences of job loss, scant research investigates why workers lose their jobs. We explore the role of housing insecurity in actuating employmentExpand