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The majority of digital games available today offer a variety of multi-player settings including co-located and mediated play between opponents. Immersion, the sense of being " in the game, " is one of the key components of the gaming experience but existing literature suggests that social play provides more fun but less immersion. There is however little(More)
The effectiveness of the cascaded object detector has been demonstrated repeatedly, and the basic steps to generate one are well known. But it is not obvious how to ensure the resulting detector will be efficient. This paper offers a solution by introducing a performance criterion that combines detection rate, false positive rate and speed, and a new cost(More)
Since The Meaning of Evolution (1992), Robert J. Richards has argued that modern evolutionary theory is rooted in late 18th-century Romantic science. The publication of The Tragic Sense of Life (2009) provides a fitting occasion to evaluate how this perspective revises the standard history of biological thought. This essay focuses on three aspects of(More)
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