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Pencil Code is a block-based coding tool that helps beginners work with text-based web programming languages. It has been used to allow help first-time programmers of all ages create programs in JavaScript and CoffeeScript. Pencil Code allows students to toggle between text code and blocks freely. This approach allows students to transition smoothly from(More)
PROBLEM Medical education is transitioning from traditional learning methods. Resident interest in easily accessible education materials is forcing educators to reevaluate teaching methodology. APPROACH To determine emergency medicine residents' current methods of and preferences for obtaining medical knowledge, the authors created a survey and sent it to(More)
Inspired by the hypothesized neural dissociation between the retrieval of nouns and verbs, several studies now support the construct validity of Action (verb) Fluency as a measure of frontostriatal systems function. Relative to traditional noun- and letter-cued verbal fluency tests, Action Fluency is more sensitive to HIV-1-associated neuropsychological(More)
This workshop introduces a new educational programming environment Pencil Code, which helps bridge the learning gap between visual programming and text-based coding. The free open-source online tool allows students to work with programs using either blocks or Coffeescript or Javascript text code. Students can switch between visual and text modes at any(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma care in developing countries suffers from many limitations related to equipment shortages, disrepair, quality assurance, and lack of training. Health care providers in the three principal hospitals in Cusco, Peru have ultrasound machines, but they do not utilize this for the focused assessment of sonography in trauma (FAST) scan (only one(More)
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