Matthew Dawber

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Humans often respond to stress by overeating. A rat model of hyperphagia induced by a stressful tail-pinch has been described. Consumption of sweetened condensed milk by vaive rats was measured durin the stress. This milk drinking was prevented by pretreatment with d-amphetamine, chlorphentermine, diethylpropion, fenfluramine, methamphetamine, morphine,(More)
This review covers the important advances in recent years in the physics of thin film ferroelectric oxides, the strongest emphasis being on those aspects particular to ferroelectrics in thin film form. We introduce the current state of development in the application of ferroelectric thin films for electronic devices and discuss the physics relevant for the(More)
Ferroelectric thin films and superlattices are currently the subject of intensive research because of the interest they raise for technological applications and also because their properties are of fundamental scientific importance. Ferroelectric superlattices allow the tuning of the ferroelectric properties while maintaining perfect crystal structure and a(More)
The nanosecond response of a PbTiO(3)/SrTiO(3) ferroelectric/dielectric superlattice to applied electric fields is closely linked to the dynamics of striped domains of the remnant polarization. The intensity of domain satellite reflections observed with time-resolved x-ray microdiffraction decays in 5-100 ns depending on the magnitude of the electric field.(More)
The remnant polarization of weakly coupled ferroelectric-dielectric superlattices is distributed unequally between the component layers, and as a result the components respond differently to applied electric fields. The difference is apparent in both the nanometer-scale structure of striped polarization domains and in the development of piezoelectric strain(More)
In epitaxially strained ferroelectric thin films and superlattices, the ferroelectric transition temperature can lie above the growth temperature. Ferroelectric polarization and domains should then evolve during the growth of a sample, and electrostatic boundary conditions may play an important role. In this work, ferroelectric domains, surface termination,(More)
Longitudinal sleep studies in chronically implanted cats revealed a unique first night effect. Unlike other species, during the first 24 hr of sleep recording, the electroencephalogram and reticular formation multiple unit activity revealed more rapid eye movement sleep occurred than during subsequent 24 hr recording sessions. In addition, higher rapid eye(More)
On the polarization of chiral main-chain liquid–crystalline elastomers " Eur. Phys. Nonorthogonal projective positive-operator-value measurement of photon polarization states with unit probability of success " Phys. Weak measurement of the arrival times of single photons and pairs of entangled photons " Phys.Linear optics implementation of weak values in(More)
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