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The Silent Majority: Suburban Politics in the Sunbelt South
List of Illustrations vii List of Tables ix Acknowledgments xi Abbreviations xv Introduction 1 Part I: The Triumph of Moderation 21 Chapter 1: The Divided South 23 Chapter 2: HOPE in the New South 44Expand
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The Suburban Origins of “Color-Blind” Conservatism
Between 1969 and 1974, the volatile conflict over court-ordered busing in Charlotte, North Carolina, revealed the fusion of racial and class attitudes in the political ideology of the “SilentExpand
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The myth of southern exceptionalism
Introduction: The End of Southern History PART ONE: THE NORTHERN MYSTIQUE 1. De Jure/De Facto Segregation: The Long Shadow of a National Myth 2. Hidden in Plain Sight: The Civil Rights MovementExpand
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Impossible Criminals: The Suburban Imperatives of America's War on Drugs
In the late 1990s at least fourteen white high school and college students died of heroin overdoses in the wealthy Dallas suburb of Plano, recently named the safest midsized city in America. TheExpand
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Schools and Housing in Metropolitan History
This essay introduces a special section in the Journal of Urban History that explores the interplay between educational policies and housing markets in metropolitan U.S. history during the twentiethExpand
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Suburban Diversity in Postwar America
This essay introduces a special section in the Journal of Urban History that explores the concept of suburban diversity in the United States during the post-World War II decades. Recent scholarshipExpand
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Inspection of chromeless AAPSM
The Chromeless Phase Shift Mask (CLM) approach from ASML MaskTools has been developed as an approach to achieve sub-100nm lithography using currently available stepper technology. The technology usesExpand
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The moderates' dilemma : massive resistance to school desegregation in Virginia
In 1958, facing court-ordered integration, Virginia governor J. Lindsay Almond Jr. closed public schools in three cities, one of the first instances of the "massive resistance" embraced byExpand
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Political History beyond the Red-Blue Divide
In her provocative and timely essay Kim Phillips-Fein declares the historiography of modern American conservatism to be “at a crossroads.” From the broader perspective of U.S. political history, IExpand
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