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Ultrasound characterization of interface oscillation as a proxy for ventriculoperitoneal shunt function
A noninvasive method of characterizing the oscillation of the shunt's pressure-relief valve to assist physicians in shunt diagnosis is proposed and can allow for the use of this method in localizing and identifying the modality of failure.
Student-Athlete and Student Non-Athletes’ Stigma and Attitudes Toward Seeking Online and Face-to-Face Counseling
This study investigated differences in stigmatization by others, self-stigma, and attitudes (value and discomfort) toward online counseling (OC) and face-to-face counseling (F2F), and the
The migration journey and mental health: Evidence from Venezuelan forced migration
Using migration of Venezuelans to Peru as a case example, a survey of migrants on mental health and migration factors at the Ecuador-Peru border found link between migration factors and mental health is concerning.
Student-Athletes’ Mental Health Help-Seeking Experiences: A Mixed Methodological Approach
ABSTRACT This study investigated six National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I student-athletes’ experiences of seeking help for a mental health concern using the Health Belief Model (HBM)
Gender and entrepreneurial propensity: risk-taking and prosocial preferences in labour market entry decisions
This study aims to examine gender differences in risk-taking and prosociality through a hypothetical labour market entry choice experiment.,To explore differences between male and female subjects by
Characterization of local muscle fiber anisotropy using shear wave elastography in patients with chronic myofascial pain
The data suggest that disruption of fiber architecture may be an important feature that distinguishes active MTrPs from normal muscle tissue, and further investigates this feature in patients with chronic neck pain.
College students' attitudes, stigma, and intentions toward seeking online and face-to-face counseling.
Results suggest face-to-face counseling is seen as a more favorable method of service delivery compared to online counseling and self-stigma was positively related to public stigma, value was negatively related to self-Stigma, and intentions toward seeking help was positive related to value.
‘We are fighting a tide that keeps coming against us’: a mixed method exploration of stressors in an English county police force
ABSTRACT Against a backdrop of austerity, this mixed method paper provides a contemporary understanding of stressors in English policing by examining stressors experienced by police employees in the
A Program to Reduce Stigma Toward Mental Illness and Promote Mental Health Literacy and Help-Seeking in National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Student-Athletes
Student-athletes are susceptible to mental health problems that disrupt optimal functioning and well-being. Despite having many protective factors, student-athletes represent an at-risk subgroup of