Matthew D Wright

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The effects of feeding a diet restricted in energy on the endocrine mechanisms regulating LH secretion in prepubertal heifers were examined. On Day 0, thirty heifers were assigned to be either ovariectomized (OVX; n = 10), ovariectomized and administered an estradiol implant (OVXE; n = 10), or to remain ovary-intact (INT, n = 10). Five heifers each were(More)
The influence of intrauterine administration of catecholestradiol (4-hydroxylated estradiol) on lifespan of the initial postpartum corpus luteum was evaluated in suckled beef cows. In experiment 1, postpartum cows (n = 23) were untreated (CONTROL) or received intrauterine infusions (0700 and 1700 hr) of either vehicle (SAL) or catecholestradiol (CATE; 4(More)
Two experiments were conducted to study effects of cloprostenol sodium (cloprostenol) and clenbuterol HCl (clenbuterol) during postpartum anestrus on subsequent reproductive performance in cows. In Experiment I, 96 cows received either 0.5 mg cloprostenol (PGF, n = 25), 364 mg clenbuterol (CLEN, n = 24), 0.5 mg cloprostenol and 364 mg clenbuterol (CLEN+PGF,(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe long-term outcomes of children with early-infantile Krabbe disease who underwent hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT) in the first 7 weeks of life. METHODS In this prospective longitudinal study, evaluations performed at baseline and follow-up included brain imaging, neurodiagnostic tests, and neurobehavioral evaluations.(More)
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