Matthew D. Shepherd

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This study explores how consumer-run organizations (CROs) can maintain independence while meeting the accountability needs of funding agencies. The importance of both funding agency needs for accountability and CRO needs for independence are discussed. A goal-tracking process is proposed as a potential strategy for balancing the potentially conflicting(More)
A study, employing Kogan's Old People Scale, was conducted to investigate undergraduate pharmacy students' attitudes toward the elderly. A total of 266 students from one school of pharmacy in their last three years of schooling comprised the sample. Demographic and experiential factors with the aged also were examined as to their relationship with the(More)
Despite the growing utilization of self-help groups, there have been only a handful of studies that have examined the factors that contribute to their survival. The purpose of this study was to explore the factors that contribute to self-help group survival by examining their relationship with external sources (i.e., national and local self-help(More)
Advertisements for pharmacy management positions were analyzed to determine the extent to which advanced degrees or experience were required. Advertisements were collected from three professional journals for 1971-1981 for the following positions: director and assistant director of pharmacy services, director and assistant director of clinical services,(More)