Matthew D. Riedy

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The dorsal striatum is involved in motor-response learning, but the extent to which distinct populations of striatal efferent neurons are differentially involved in such learning is unknown. Activity-regulated, cytoskeleton-associated (Arc) protein is an effector immediate-early gene implicated in synaptic plasticity. We examined arc mRNA expression in(More)
Methamphetamine abuse results in lasting, partial depletions of striatal dopamine and cognitive dysfunction. However, the effect of partial dopamine depletions on the expression of an effector immediate early gene,Arc (activity regulated, cytoskeletal-associated protein), known to be involved in synaptic modifications underlying learning and memory, has(More)
Newts have the remarkable ability to regenerate lost appendages including their forelimbs, hindlimbs, and tails. Following amputation of an appendage, the wound is rapidly closed by the migration of epithelial cells from the proximal epidermis. Internal cells just proximal to the amputation plane begin to dedifferentiate to form a pool of proliferating(More)
Drug-seeking behavior elicited by drug-associated cues contributes to relapse in addiction; however, whether relapse elicited by drug-associated conditioned reinforcers (CR) versus discriminative stimuli (DS) involves distinct or overlapping neuronal populations is unknown. To address this question, we developed a novel cocaine self-administration and(More)
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