Matthew D. Ralston

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The shear (S)-wave velocity of near-surface materials and its effect on seismic-wave propagation are of fundamental interest in many engineering, environmental, and groundwater studies. The multichannel analysis of surface wave (MASW) method provides a robust, efficient, and accurate tool to observe near-surface S-wave velocity. A recently developed device(More)
A growing number of hospitals have installed PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications Systems) in order to improve patient care and to facilitate improved efficiencies. While eliminating films is commonly one of the first goals in planning a successful PACS implementation, eliminating the manual handling of paperwork can also produce a substantial(More)
Most RIS and PACS systems include extensive auditing capabilities as part of their security model, but inspecting those audit logs to obtain useful information can be a daunting task. Manual analysis of audit trails, though cumbersome, is often resorted to because of the difficulty to construct queries to extract complex information from the audit logs. The(More)
The traditional, film-based radiology system presents serious limitations for patient care. These include forcing clinicians to make decisions based on information that is often less than optimal and making transfers of films and prior studies to other facilities more complicated than they need to be. Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS)(More)
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