Matthew D Jones

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The procedures and the nature of "technologies" are suggested to be broadly s~milar to those which characterize "science". In particular, there appear to be "technological paradig~as" (or research p,rogrammes) performing a similar role to "sci~:~ntific paradigms" (or research programmes). The n.udel tries to account for both continuous changes and(More)
Agarwal, R., Sambamurthy, V., and Stair, R. M. 2010. “Research Commentary—The Digital Transformation of Healthcare: Current Status and the Road Ahead,” Information Systems Research (21:4), pp. 796-809. Ajjawi, R., and Bearman, M. 2012. “Sociomateriality Matters to Family Practitioners as Supervisors,” Medical Education (46:12), pp. 1145-1147. Almklov, P.(More)
A long-standing debate in the IS literature concerns the relationship between technology and organization. Does technology cause effects in organizations, or is it humans that determine how technology is used? Many socio-theoretic accounts of a middle way between the extremes of technological and social determinism have been suggested: in recent years the(More)
This paper introduces and motivates the application of parameterization to behavior trees. As a framework, behavior trees are becoming more commonly used for agent controllers in interactive game environments. We describe a way by which behavior trees can be authored for acting upon functions with arguments, as opposed to being limited to nonparametric(More)
Although user involvement can be problematic for all types of information systems development, the situation has become even more difficult with the recent spread of information technology to senior organizational levels. Better theoretical conceptualization of the dynamic relationship between developers and users in systems development is needed to(More)
The nature of the relationship between information technology (IT) and organizations has been a long-standing debate in the Information Systems literature. Does IT shape organizations, or do people in organisations control how IT is used? To formulate the question a little differently: does agency (the capacity to make a difference) lie predominantly with(More)
In this study, we examined concurrent and longitudinal relations among Navajo adolescents' ethnic identity, experiences of discrimination, and psychosocial outcomes (i.e., self-esteem, substance use, and social functioning). At Time 1, 137 Navajo adolescents (67 male, 70 female), primarily in Grades 9 and 10, completed a written survey assessing ethnic(More)
AIM To evaluate the incidence of unsuspected pulmonary embolism (PE) in an unselected population of outpatients undergoing contrast-enhanced multidetector computed tomography (MDCT) for indications other than the investigation of PE. MATERIALS AND METHODS Outpatients undergoing CT of the chest over a 6-month period were retrospectively identified and(More)