Matthew Crivelli Larsen

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We explored the predictive value of common landscape characteristics for landslide vegetative stages in the Luquillo Experimental Forest of Puerto Rico using four different analyses. Maximum likelihood logistic regression showed that aspect, age, and substrate type could be used to predict vegetative structural stage. In addition it showed that the(More)
Original approval signatures are on file with the University of Oregon Graduate School. With the push to exascale, in situ visualization and analysis will play an increasingly important role in high performance computing. Tightly coupling in situ visualization with simulations constrains resources for both, and these constraints force a complex balance of(More)
Forested watersheds offer access to vital natural resources, i.e., water supply for drinking, agriculture and industry, transport routes, and hydroelectric energy. Ecosystem services provided by these watersheds are numerous and, in addition to good quality water, include reduced peak river flow during storms; increased availability of groundwater and base(More)
Human asparagine synthetase was examined using a combination of chemical modifiers and specific monoclonal antibodies. The studies were designed to determine the topological relation between the nucleotide binding site and the glutamine binding site of the human asparagine synthetase. The purified recombinant enzyme was chemically modified at the glutamine(More)
The need for reliable, spatially and temporally consistent fluvial-sediment data has never been greater than at the present time. The traditional use of these data in the United States (U.S.) has been focused on the engineering aspects related to design and management of reservoirs and in-stream hydraulic structures, and on dredging. Over the last two(More)
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