Matthew Cook

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A dozen robotics-related PhD projects are brought together to provide a good overview of the state of the art in solving problems by defining joint probability distributions over both sensor readings and actions. It may come as a surprise that there is not a large literature on the use of probabilistic methods for robot control. After all, in the last 20(More)
The pmclient and pmserver programs are used to measure the network traffic conditions between two given nodes on the Planet-Lab network. By running the pmclient program on a Planet-Lab node, and the pmserver program on a corresponding node, the two programs produce a dynamic flow of traffic in the form of UDP packets and optionally IPv4 ICMP echo packets(More)
Past attempts to get computers to ride bicycles have required an inordinate amount of learning time (1700 practice rides for a reinforcement learning approach [1], while still failing to be able to ride in a straight line), or have required an algebraic analysis of the exact equations of motion for the specific bicycle to be controlled [2, 3]. Mysteriously,(More)
Malaria cases attributed to Plasmodium falciparum account for approximately 600,000 deaths yearly, mainly in African children. The gold standard method to diagnose malaria requires the visualization of the parasite in blood. The role of non-invasive diagnostic methods to diagnose malaria remains unclear. A protocol was optimized to deplete highly abundant(More)
Firm dynamics in poor countries show striking differences to those of rich countries. While some firms indeed experience growth as they age, many firms are simply stagnant in that they neither exit nor expand. We interpret this fact as a lack of selection, whereby producers with little growth potential survive because innovating firms do not expand enough(More)
Modern computer networks contain enormous quantities of unstructured data, and providing efficient methods of identifying interesting documents continues to be one of the largest challenges such networks present. Internet search company Google have had the most prominent success in this arena, and their achievements are in part due to their development and(More)
The factor VIII C2 domain is essential for binding to activated platelet surfaces as well as the cofactor activity of factor VIII in blood coagulation. Inhibitory antibodies against the C2 domain commonly develop following factor VIII replacement therapy for hemophilia A patients, or they may spontaneously arise in cases of acquired hemophilia. Porcine(More)
Adventure-based programming, a component of adventure therapy, is an intentional practice used in summer camps, community-based youth agencies, and other organizations to promote inter- and intrapersonal growth and change. This programming has gained popularity in addressing personal growth, as well as specific problems, including substance abuse, juvenile(More)
Arko Ghosh is an inventor of the patent-pending technology used to track touchscreen interactions in this study. Arko Ghosh and Jean-Pascal Pfister are co-founders of QuantActions GmbH, a company focused on quantifying human behaviour through smartphone interactions. The patterns underlying animal behaviour and their significance for the behavioural(More)
Optical see-through head-mounted displays are currently seeing a transition out of research labs towards the consumer-oriented market. However, whilst availability has improved and prices have decreased, the technology has not matured much. Most commercially available optical see-through head mounted displays follow a similar principle and use an optical(More)