Matthew Cook

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In current functional models of person recognition it is proposed that there exists a single common body of semantic information concerning people accessible from all modalities (e.g. names, faces). In this paper, we present evidence that challenges this view. Two experiments are discussed investigating residual autobiographical and public knowledge in a(More)
Product service systems (PSS) are cleaner product concepts which have been developed to achieve improvements in resource productivity which may be realized from modern trends in service delivery. However, there is a paucity of research on the waste prevention performance of PSS in UK household markets. This paper reports the findings of exploratory research(More)
Anaerobic digestion (AD) has the potential to support diversion of organic waste from landfill and increase renewable energy production. However, diffusion of this technology has been uneven, with countries such as Germany and Sweden taking the lead, but limited diffusion in other countries such as the UK. In this context, this study explores the financial(More)
Malaria cases attributed to Plasmodium falciparum account for approximately 600,000 deaths yearly, mainly in African children. The gold standard method to diagnose malaria requires the visualization of the parasite in blood. The role of non-invasive diagnostic methods to diagnose malaria remains unclear. A protocol was optimized to deplete highly abundant(More)
BACKGROUND Although perhaps the most common worker-management structure, there has been surprisingly little research on describing and evaluating the characteristics of health and safety committees. METHODS A survey of 380 health and safety committee members from 176 manufacturing workplaces was supplemented with administrative data and compared with(More)
Adventure-based programming, a component of adventure therapy, is an intentional practice used in summer camps, community-based youth agencies, and other organizations to promote inter- and intrapersonal growth and change. This programming has gained popularity in addressing personal growth, as well as specific problems, including substance abuse, juvenile(More)
Autoimmune limbic encephalitis (ALE) is a well-characterized neuropsychiatric syndrome with associated neuroimaging and immunological diagnostic markers.1 Importantly, because of the predominant psychiatric symptoms in a majority of patients, most patients are seen initially by psychiatrists.2 Immune-mediated encep halitis can be paraneoplastic and several(More)
The good news on lead is that environmental exposure is in rapid decline as a result of EPA‘s action to reduce the lead content of gasoline. Blood lead levels, the common measure of exposure, have declined dramatically. The bad news is that the importance of drinking water as a source of lead has grown. Lead enters water supplies as a result of corrosion of(More)
Deep structural and sustained change is necessary to tackle contemporary environmental challenges. How such change emerges and can be governed has been explored through the notion of sustainable innovation journeys. To date research had conceptualised such journeys as transitions to more sustainable socio-technical systems, e.g. mobility, shelter, food and(More)