Matthew Collison

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It is well known that microbes have an intricate role in human health and disease. However, targeted strategies for modulating human health through the modification of either human-associated microbial communities or associated human-host targets have yet to be realized. New knowledge about the role of microbial communities in the microbiota of the(More)
The development and analytical performance of a novel potentiometric combination ion/pCO2 sensor design for in vitro and in vivo measurements are reported. The design is based on incorporating an appropriate ionophore within the outer silicone gas permeable membranes of both conventional macro and new catheter-type pCO2 sensors. Simultaneous measurement of(More)
A constant influx of new data poses a challenge in keeping the annotation in biological databases current. Most biological databases contain significant quantities of textual annotation, which often contains the richest source of knowledge. Many databases reuse existing knowledge; during the curation process annotations are often propagated between entries.(More)
A novel dual-lumen catheter electrode design suitable for the simultaneous measurement of PCO2 (partial pressure of carbon dioxide) and pH in flowing blood is described. The probe is fabricated from a single segment of dual-lumen silicone rubber or polyurethane tubing that is impregnated with the proton ionophore tridodecylamine. The impregnation step(More)
Significant progress has been made recently in the measurement methods and instrumental approaches applicable to bedside testing of critically ill patients. While the "ideal" technology would involve the ability to obtain accurate stat profile values on a continuous basis via noninvasive methods, given the present state of noninvasive sensing technologies,(More)
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