Matthew Canton

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Unlike severe zinc deficiency, marginal Zn deficiency is difficult to identify in rats because no reliable indicator of suboptimal Zn status is currently available. We have previously observed reduced pancreatic gamma-glutamyl hydrolase (EC activity and impaired pteroylpolyglutamate absorption in Zn-deficient rats. In the present study the effect(More)
The effect of dietary zinc deficiency on gamma-glutamyl hydrolase (EC activity and on pteroylpolyglutamate absorption was investigated in rats. Enzyme activity was determined in pancreas and gut lumen washings. Pteroylpolyglutamate absorption was studied by determining the rise in plasma folate levels following pteroylpolyglutamate ingestion. Two(More)
This paper describes a digital learning tool that engages math teachers and students with geometry through physical movement, tangible controls, and computer visualization. It was developed through iterative prototype testing in actual grade 6--10 math classes. Students actively create geometries using their own movements which are captured by a simple web(More)
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