Matthew Caesar

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A mission critical environment (MCE) consists of error-prone, highly variable, and highly rate limited communication channels. Paradoxically, this substantially increases the need to perform optimal task allocation (OTA), while at the same time making it much harder to perform OTA efficiently. To simplify the problem, we consider OTA for(More)
Because a wireless channel is a shared medium, messages sent on the wireless links might be overheard by the neighboring stations. The information obtained from the overheard messages can be used in order to design more efficient distributed algorithms as well as MAC protocols for wireless networks. We exploit the wireless broadcast property in three(More)
Modern day wireless network applications exhibit varying service demands to satisfy user requirements, while differing in the nature of traffic they generate. Future wireless networks should, therefore, be capable of adapting to the heterogeneous traffic characteristics, by efficiently utilizing the expensive radio resources. In this dissertation, we(More)
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