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Rethinking conceptualisations of adult-imposed restriction and children's experiences of autonomy in outdoor space
This paper calls for more sensitive understandings of children's experiences of autonomy and restriction in outdoor space. The study with children and adults living in a suburban area of Cape Town,Expand
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Challenging Minority World Privilege: Children's Outdoor Mobilities in Post‐apartheid South Africa
Whilst the notion of children's movement has been examined across diverse settings in the minority world, explorations within majority world contexts have remained more sporadic. This paperExpand
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Rethinking popular geopolitics in the Falklands/Malvinas sovereignty dispute: Creative diplomacy and citizen statecraft
Abstract For more than twenty years popular geopolitics has proven an intriguing and fruitful field of research. It has spurred a lasting interest in everything from movies to stamps as importantExpand
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From the banal to the blatant: Expressions of nationalism in secondary schools in Argentina and the Falkland Islands
Abstract Geographers interested in nationalism have been increasingly drawn to the banal; to representations, things and practices which serve as subtle reminders of nationhood. The research in thisExpand
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Considering nationality and performativity: undertaking research across the geopolitical divide in the Falkland Islands and Argentina
This paper explores the substantial challenges of doing research with citizens living in nation-states on different sides of a geopolitical dispute. It draws on an on-going research project beingExpand
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Brexit and the British Overseas Territories
On 23 June 2016 the United Kingdom voted in a referendum to leave the European Union. As well as citizens of the UK, residents of the UK Overseas Territory of Gibraltar were also allowed to vote,Expand
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Housing, Security, and Employment in Post-Neoliberal Buenos Aires
The economic and social crisis in Argentina at the end of 2001 ended a decade of explicit free-market or neoliberal policies that had their roots in the country’s last military dictatorshipExpand
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Introducing Social Geographies
Introduction Part A Society, material life and geography: Work, class and social life The place of leisure Communities. Part B: Power, identity and social geography: Race and ethnicity Geographies ofExpand
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Brexit, race and migration
This timely series of interventions scrutinises the centrality of race and migration to the 2016 Brexit campaign, vote and its aftermath. It brings together five individual pieces, with anExpand
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