Matthew C. Turner

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This paper considers closed-loop quadratic stability and 2 performance properties of linear control systems subject to input saturation. More specifically, these properties are examined within the context of the popular linear antiwindup augmentation paradigm. Linear antiwindup augmentation refers to designing a linear filter to augment a linear control(More)
This paper treats the problem of synthesizing antiwindup compensators that are able to handle plant uncertainty in addition to controller saturation. The uncertainty considered is of the frequency-weighted additive type, often encountered in linear robust control theory, and representative of a wide variety of uncertainty encountered in practice. The main(More)
In this paper, several constructive linear and nonlinear anti-windup techniques are presented and explained. Two approaches, namely direct linear anti-windup (DLAW) and model recovery anti-windup (MRAW), are described in an algorithmic way, in order to illustrate their main features. Hereafter, theoretical conditions ensuring stability and performance,(More)
The anti-windup problem is formulated in discrete-time using a configuration which effectively decouples the nominal linear and nonlinear parts of a closed loop system with constrained plant inputs. Conditions are derived which ensure an upper bound on the induced l2 norm of a certain mapping which is central to the anti-windup problem. Results are given(More)