Matthew C. H. Yeung

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There has been a renewed interest in the determinatio n of causality between stock markets and exchange rates. In nearly all these studies Granger causality tests has been extensively used In this paper, we employ the standard Granger causality methodology to a research setting similar to that of Granger (2000). We consider the causality between the(More)
The interrelation between leukocyte count, cigarette smoking, and pulmonary function results was examined in two work populations: 1,826 white male workers in a pulp and paper mill and 1,620 white male workers in an aluminum smelter in British Columbia. These workers took part in epidemiologic health studies that consisted of a medical-occupational(More)
A series of three isomeric 2,4,5-substituted monoethoxy dimethoxy phenylisopropylamines were compared for their contractile effect in the rat fundus as potential antagonists to the effect of serotonin in the fundus. The three isomers were also evaluated for their discriminative stimulus properties in rats that had been trained to discriminate injections of(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to examine the relationship between the stock market and currency market in Malaysia. We employ Granger causality and correlation analysis to show such relationships. Since the Ringgit is currently pegged to the US dollar, we chose Thailand and Korea as proxy countries for Malaysia. The presence of Granger causality running(More)
Tolosa-Hunt syndrome is characterized by a dull, persistent pain around the affected eye, ophthalmoplegia and, sometimes, involvement of other cranial nerves passing through the cavernous sinus. Corticosteroid administration is valuable in the treatment and frequently has a dramatic effect. We report a boy with Tolosa-Hunt syndrome who fails to respond to(More)
Isolated aldosterone synthase deficiency may result in life-threatening salt-wasting and failure to thrive. The condition involves hyperkalemia accompanying hyponatremia. Two types of aldosterone synthase deficiency may be observed depending on hormone levels: corticosterone methyl oxidase type 1 (CMO 1) and CMO 2. Herein, we describe a Turkish infant(More)
Table bombardment by automated biopsy needle is an occasional technical problem during stereotactic core biopsy of the breast. It is most commonly encountered in small breasts and when lesions are close to the biopsy table. A reference chart is devised for stereotactic core biopsy using an add-on erect stereotactic biopsy table and automated spring-loaded(More)
An evaluation of 6-[2-(di-n-propylamino)ethyl]indole (4), its rigid analogue N,N-di-n-propyl-5,6,7,8-tetrahydrobenz[f]indol-7-amine (5), and some related congeners, for ability to suppress serum prolactin in reserpinized rats, revealed modest biological activity in this in vivo model of dopaminergic activity. Although the indole N-H in these compounds can(More)