Matthew C. Caesar

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—Multichannel wireless networks provide the flexibility to utilize the available spectrum efficiently for achieving improved system performance in terms of throughput and spectral efficiency. However, there has been no practical means for provisioning quality of service (QoS) in multichannel wireless networks. While previous proposals providing signaling(More)
A fundamental question in software testing research is how to compare test suites, often as a means for comparing test-generation techniques that produce those test suites. Researchers frequently compare test suites by measuring their coverage. A coverage criterion C provides a set of test requirements and measures how many requirements a given suite(More)
[n this paper we present a comparative stndy of a few simple but representative usage-based pricing strategies. For the current best-effort In-ternet, we introduce a QoS sensitive pricing mechanism which takes into account the fact that the quality of received audio degrades as the number of hops traversed by the msdio packets increases. We compare the QoS(More)
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