Matthew C Barrett

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OBJECTIVES To examine the proportions of type 1 and type 2 muscle fibres and the degree of muscle fibre atrophy and hypertrophy in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome in relation to lactate responses to exercise, and to determine to what extent any abnormalities found might be due to inactivity. METHODS Quadriceps needle muscle biopsies were obtained(More)
It has been shown previously that some patients with chronic fatigue syndrome show an abnormal increase in plasma lactate following a short period of moderate exercise, in the sub-anaerobic threshold exercise test (SATET). This cannot be explained satisfactorily by the effects of 'inactivity' or 'deconditioning', and patients with abnormal lactate responses(More)
PURPOSE The iridocorneal-endothelial (ICE) syndrome is characterized by glaucoma, corneal failure, and iris destruction. Specular photomicroscopy of the corneal endothelium in this disease shows a population of abnormal cells named ICE-cells. Comparison between ultrastructural examination and specular photomicroscopy demonstrates that the histologic(More)
Multiple phases of protein synthesis are necessary for the synaptic modifications that consolidate long-term memory. The reconsolidation hypothesis supposes that information in long-term memory becomes labile and subject to change when retrieved and must be reconsolidated into long-term memory. The current study used the protein synthesis inhibitor(More)
This study showed that nonsearchers and searchers are different from each other on almost every measure that was applied. Research on and experience with searching adult adoptees should not be applied to nonsearching adult adoptees. Likewise, research on and experience with nonsearching adult adoptees should not be generalized to searchers . The results of(More)
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