Matthew Burtner

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This paper explores the use of perturbation in designing multiperformer or multi-agent interactive musical interfaces. A problem with the multi-performer approach is how to cohesively organize the independent data inputs into useable control information for synthesis engines. Perturbation has proven useful for navigating multi-agent NIMEs. The author’s(More)
Noisegate 67 was the first fully interactive composition written for the Computer Metasaxophone, a new computer controller interface for electroacoustic music. The Metasaxophone is an acoustic tenor saxophone retrofitted with an onboard computer microprocessor and an array of sensors that convert performance data into MIDI control messages. While(More)
In this paper we describe compositional and performancerelated issues for exploring extended techniques of a bowed string physical model. First, an extended waveguide physical model of a bowed string instrument was created. To explore new techniques for the physical model we perform it with the metasaxophone, a tenor saxophone retrofitted with an array of(More)