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Systematic approaches to mouse mutagenesis will be vital for future studies of gene function. We have begun a major ENU mutagenesis program incorporating a large genome-wide screen for dominant mutations. Progeny of ENU-mutagenized mice are screened for visible defects at birth and weaning, and at 5 weeks of age by using a systematic and semi-quantitative(More)
Convolutional neural networks (CNNs) represent an interesting method for adaptive image processing, and form a link between general feedforward neu-ral networks and adaptive filters. Two dimensional CNNs are formed by one or more layers of two dimensional filters, with possible non-linear activation functions and/or down-sampling. Conventional neural(More)
Spatial resolution, noise, characteristic curve, and absolute luminance are the essential parameters that describe physical image quality of a display. This paper presents simple procedures for assessing the performance of a cathode ray tube (CRT) in terms of these parameters as well as easy set up techniques. The procedures can be used in the environment(More)
As the human genome project approaches completion, the challenge for mammalian geneticists is to develop approaches for the systematic determination of mammalian gene function. Mouse mutagenesis will be a key element of studies of gene function. Phenotype-driven approaches using the chemical mutagen ethylnitrosourea (ENU) represent a potentially efficient(More)
Although electronic gaming machine (EGM) jackpots are widespread, little research has yet considered the impact of this feature on gamblers' behaviour. We present the results of an in-venue shadowing study, which provided measures of player investment and persistence (e.g. number of spins, time-on-machine) from participants undertaking one or more EGM(More)
Given the evidence for the motivating influence of electronic gaming machines (EGM) jackpots on intensifying player behaviour (Rockloff and Hing in J Gambl Stud 1-7, 2013), there is good reason to explore consumer-protection features. Jackpot Expiry is a potential feature of a mandatory pre-commitment system or player identification system (e.g., loyalty(More)
BACKGROUND Harm from gambling is known to impact individuals, families, and communities; and these harms are not restricted to people with a gambling disorder. Currently, there is no robust and inclusive internationally agreed upon definition of gambling harm. In addition, the current landscape of gambling policy and research uses inadequate proxy measures(More)
temporal model for the contrast sensitivity of the human eye and its temporal aspects. Reimann et al: Perceptually Linear Display Devices 10 quality is easily recognized. Typically, signicant improvement is rst noticed in regions of low luminance. However, careful inspection reveals changes in all regions with increased contrast at both high and low(More)