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RATIONALE Fentanyl is a potent mu-opioid receptor agonist that is widely used for the treatment of severe chronic pain. Discontinuation of fentanyl administration has been shown to induce a negative emotional state. OBJECTIVES The aim of the present studies was to investigate the effects of the partial mu-opioid receptor agonist buprenorphine on the(More)
Mosquitoes transmit pathogens that result in diseases harmful to human, livestock, and wildlife hosts. Numerous measures can be used to reduce insect-borne disease risk to humans, and one approach is the use of topical repellents to prevent host-seeking arthropods from taking a blood meal. A current emphasis in the development of new repellents is that they(More)
For the synthesis of the core CIS quantum dots, copper iodide (0.25 mmol) and indium acetate (0.25 mmol) were added to a mixture of dodecanethiol (DDT)(4ml) and octadecene (ODE)(6ml) under a protective argon atmosphere , before stirring at room temperature for one hour to remove dissolved oxygen. The solution was then refluxed at 120 • C where all solid(More)
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