Matthew Bolaños

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As more and more applications produce streaming data, clustering data streams has become an important technique for data and knowledge engineering. A typical approach is to summarize the data stream in real-time with an online process into a large number of so called micro-clusters. Micro-clusters represent local density estimates by aggregating the(More)
Abstract. Unsupervised identification of groups in large data sets is important for many machine learning and knowledge discovery applications. Conventional clustering approaches (kmeans, hierarchical clustering, etc.) typically do not scale well for very large data sets. In recent years, data stream clustering algorithms have been proposed which can deal(More)
In recent years, data streams have become an increasingly important area of research for the computer science, database and statistics communities. Data streams are ordered and potentially unbounded sequences of data points created by a typically non-stationary data generating process. Common data mining tasks associated with data streams include(More)
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