Matthew Bernhard

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A brief mental status questionnaire adapted specifically to diagnose diffuse organic diffuse organic mental syndromes on busy medical words is developed and tested for reliability and validity. When the 30-item questionnaire was given to 17 medical patients diagnosed by consultation spychiatrists as having a diffuse organic mental syndrome, all score 20 or(More)
The development of autoimmune diabetes in the nonobese diabetic (NOD) mouse results from a breakdown in tolerance to pancreatic islet antigens. CD28-B7 and CD40 ligand-CD40 (CD40L-CD40) costimulatory pathways affect the development of disease and are promising therapeutic targets. Indeed, it was shown previously that diabetes fails to develop in NOD-B7-2-/-(More)
The HTTPS certificate ecosystem has been of great interest to the measurement and security communities. Without any ground truth, researchers have attempted to study this PKI from a variety of fragmented perspectives, including passively monitored networks, scans of the popular domains or the IPv4 address space, search engines such as Censys, and(More)
Elections seem simple—aren’t they just about counting? But they have a unique, challenging combination of security and privacy requirements. The stakes are high; the context is adversarial; the electorate needs to be convinced that the results are correct; and the secrecy of the ballot must be ensured. They also have practical constraints: time is of the(More)
In this paper we explore the notion of a secure kiosk, a trusted computing platform built using off-the-shelf components. We demonstrate how kiosks serve as convenient primitives when designing secure computing protocols, as they allow for a very prescribed set of assumptions to be made about a system. We begin by defining the necessary properties of a(More)
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