Matthew Beaman

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Ad-hoc wireless networks are being deployed in critical applications that require protection against sophisticated adversaries. However, wireless routing protocols, such as the widely-used AODV, are often designed with the assumption that nodes are benign. Cryptographic extensions such as Secure AODV (SAODV) protect against some attacks but are still(More)
ii This thesis is dedicated to my grandfather, Dr. Edward Eaton Mason, who is an inspiration to achieve great things. To my grandmother, Dordana Fairman Mason, who looked after me during my undergraduate years. To my father, who gave me a love of learning. To my mother, who gave me a love of music. iii ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to thank the many people(More)
1. Water intoxication is a severe complication of disordered water balance. Hyponatremia precedes water intoxication and can be identified through abnormal diurnal weight variation. 2. The St. Louis Target Weight Procedure (STWP) is a nonintrusive method that includes a client's baseline weight, frequent weights throughout the day, a target weight of 5%(More)
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