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We introduce a class of incremental network design problems focused on investigating the optimal choice and timing of network expansions. We concentrate on an incremental network design problem with shortest paths. We investigate structural properties of optimal solutions, we show that the simplest variant is NP-hard, we analyze the worst-case performance(More)
A general Brønsted acid catalyzed methodology for the alkynylation of acetals and ketals with alkynyltrifluoroborate salts has been developed. The reaction proceeds rapidly to afford valuable synthetic building block propargylic ethers in good to excellent yields. Unlike Lewis acid catalyzed transformations of trifluoroborates, this approach does not(More)
Acknowledgements This report reflects the work of many individuals and organizations, and could not have been accomplished without their contributions. We thank the National Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, The Sentencing Project, the ACLU of Michigan, and Human Rights Watch for their research and commitment to protecting the human rights of youth(More)
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